About Us

Samantha & Reuben

       We started Cast Ambience Photography in 2014 with creative photographs, portraits and landscape photography. Soon we started  family, engagements, and weddings.

      As a photographer and a hairstylist we often got asked to do both services for weddings. So much so that we decided to offer both as a package . 

      We fell in love - not just with each other- but with the moments we captured. We married in May 2015 and have two beautiful children (with one on the way).

      Capturing moments of someone's love story, is the most humbling experience. Every wedding is beautiful in it's own unique way, and we are honoured to be a part of it.     

The Dream Team

      Working together was so much fun, that we wanted more people to enjoy it with.  


We teamed up with Kirsten, a certified make-up artist, and began working together. Our talents and personalities paralleled, and we became great friends. Her artistic talent was unlike anything we had seen in the past working with other makeup artists.

       If the team wasn't fun enough, we also collaborated with a local DJ that we met at a wedding we worked together at. It was his fun and humble personality that initially got our attention.  'That is the type of person we can work with'.  His experience and talent speaks for itself. 

       Being able to offer packages of 4 services is a truly unique experience for brides and grooms. Our team is fun and upbeat, working smoothly together to help you have the most stress-free day.         


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